Chappelle Was Right About The United Nations

Chappelle Was Right About The United Nations

“Oh UN you’ve got a problem with that? You know what you should do? Sanction me. Sanction me with your army. Oh? What’s that? You don’t have an army? I guess that means you need to shut the fuck up then.” – Dave Chappelle 

Many of us have seen the Chappelle show skit where Dave plays President Bush and proceeds to mock the United Nations due to their lack of any actual authority. We’ve also seen time and time again the United Nations in action- publically denouncing crimes and acts they deem to be “against humanity”.

In 2015 the most effective course of action for the 193-nation coalition to take is to quite literally write a letter stating that they are very, very mad with someone. Under dire conditions they may even hold a news conference stating how mad they are.

Our friends racking up enormous traffic ticket sums in NYC (claiming diplomatic immunity) have an impressive record of letting the world know just how mad they can really get. Occasionally the glorious coalition of the willing will deploy member nation’s troops, usually to fail spectacularly. Let’s take a look:

Child Sex Scandals- believe it or not, places such as Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti and the like have all reported that during times where “peacekeeping” forces are present incidents of child rape skyrocket. Children would be “rewarded” with things such as candy afterward so as to be able to make the claim for prostitution as opposed to rape. UN leadership never publically condemned these actions out of fear of discouraging new members.

Nuclear Proliferation- in 1970, 190 nations signed a treaty for non-proliferation; only Russia, France, America, England and China admitted to owning nuclear weapons or developing them. The UN has obviously failed spectacularly at making sure North Korea, India, Pakistan and Israel kept to the treaty.

Syria- the UN Security Council is made up of 15 members; of which 5 are permanent- these permanent members hold vetoing powers. In 2012 Russia and China (both permanent) members used their veto powers to stop any initial UN intervention to prevent Syrian genocide.

Flight 426- The hijacking of El Al Israel flight 426 by a Palestinian terrorist organization is widely regarded by the international community as the beginning of modern-day terrorism. In response to the hijacking the UN publically condemned the attack and left it at that.

Granted, over the years the UN has managed to get it right on occasion, however they, like parts of our own government, are so plagued by bureaucracy that they seem to serve as a pointless entity (even aid giving operations are routinely plundered).

As recently as this week our champions of world peace responded to ISIS executions in the Kurdish region of Iraq, by, you guessed it, publically condemning them.


About the author: Andrew Farquharson is an Iraq Campaign veteran and an ex-cavalry scout currently living the dream in Newport, Rhode Island as a college student. Aside from writing for 11Bravos his hobbies include mountain climbing, shooting guns and convincing women they should date him. Comments or hate mail can be sent to or, follow him on Instagram @Lord_Farquharson