Chris Mintz, The Oregon Hero

Chris Mintz, The Oregon Hero

I know the last blog I posted was about the tragedy in Oregon, but this one serves a single purpose- to acknowledge the heroic actions of Army veteran Chris Mintz.

Before attending college, and taking a job at his local YMCA, Mintz served in the Army from 2004 and 2007 as an infantryman at Fort Lewis, Washington. Though he never deployed in support of the Global War On Terrorism, Mintz would soon come face-to-face with the enemy, years later at Umpqua Community College

According to his aunt and multiple news outlets, upon hearing shooting, Mintz instructed his classmates to “stay calm” while he went and met the gunman at the door. Upon meeting the gunman (who’s actual name I refuse to ever write) at the door, Mintz told him that he “wasn’t getting past me”, to this the gunman shot him three times, dropping him to the floor. After telling the gunman that today was his son Tarik’s 6th birthday, he was shot multiple times again, this time suffering breaks to both of his legs in the process.

After enduring upwards of 6 ½ hours of surgery, Mintz is in stable condition and able to comprehend the situation he had just endured. He initially thought he had been shot fives times, although his ex-girlfriend informed him that he was actually struck seven. One bullet, which traveled down his spine and lodged in his hip was left in place by surgeons.

Last time I posted, I also stated that we need more sheepdogs, and Mintz undoubtedly fits the description. Selfless action such as this, especially in today’s culture is something of a rarity.

Over the upcoming months, Mintz will have to learn to walk again, all the while being out of school, unable to work, having medical bills, needing to provide childcare for his son, and paying his regular bills. A GoFundMe page has been created to help raise money to cover Mintz’s expenses.

Thank you, Chris. Here’s to a quick and full recovery.