FBI Alert: ‘Middle Eastern Males’ Are Approaching Military Member’s Families in US

According to an FBI alert issued last month, but just now being disseminated by the media, groups of “Middle-Eastern males” have been approaching the spouses and families of military members in Colorado and Wyoming.

According to the publicly released document, the wife of a soldier in Colorado reported being approached by two Middle-Eastern men at her home. The men told her that her husband was a military interrogator. When they woman denied the claim, the men laughed at her.

The men ultimately left the area in a car that was occupied by two other men of Middle-Eastern descent. The woman reported seeing the vehicle in the area on previous occasions. Similar incidents have been reported to the FBI in Wyoming during the same time period.

The Islamic State (aka ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) has posted the personal information of military members before, hoping that so called “lone wolf” terrorists could use the information to attack military members on US soil.