Ft. Sill CSM convicted of stolen valor

Fort Sill, OK - Turns out stealing valor isn't just for the local civilians that are trying to impress the girls at the local mall. In this case, an active duty command sergeant major has been slapped with a demotion in rank, forfeiture of pay, and an official letter of reprimand. 

CSM Perry McNeill was busted down to SFC after being caught falsely wearing military insignia that was never earned including a Ranger Tab, and Pathfinder Badge. 

We all know that Ranger school is no walk in the park and is considered to be among the Army's hardest schools. The Pathfinder badge is awarded to those who successfully finish school in which they train on managing LZ's, DZ's, and other ground/air operations. 

It is reported that CSM McNeill was wearing the badges for several years (2011-2014) while being stationed in Turkey, Japan, and Ft. Sill. The sentencing and disciplinary action will need the seal of approval from Ft. Sill's commanding general.