North Korea accuses U.S. soldiers of provoking border troops

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Friday accused U.S. soldiers of trying to provoke its front-line troops with "disgusting" acts and encouraging South Korean soldiers to aim their guns at the North.

A North Korean military statement warned U.S. soldiers to stop what it called "hooliganism" at the inter-Korean border village of Panmunjom, saying otherwise the soldiers would meet a "dog's death any time and any place."

"GIs hurled fully armed MPs of the South Korean puppet army into perpetrating such dangerous provocations as aiming at" the North Korean military side last week, according to a statement carried by Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency.

It said U.S. troops pointed their fingers at North Korean soldiers and made strange noises and unspecified "disgusting" facial expressions.

North Korea occasionally accuses South Korean and U.S. troops of trying to provoke its border troops and vice versa. After North Korea's first nuclear bomb test in 2006, the U.S. accused North Korean troops of spitting across the border's demarcation line, making throat-slashing hand gestures and flashing their middle fingers.

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