Still Hope for Green Beret who beat a Child Rapist in Afghanistan

Still Hope for Green Beret who beat a Child Rapist in Afghanistan

A few months ago I wrote a piece about a Green Beret who was in the process of being kicked out of the Army for having beat an Afghan child rapist while deployed. At the time there was a considerable amount of anger nationwide directed towards the Army for even thinking about kicking out such a soldier; thankfully, there’s still an effort to save SFC Martland’s career.

Representative Duncan Hunter (R. Cal) has proved yet again to be one of the only worthwhile politicians to come out of California.

Earlier this week Hunter had supported Senator Pat Roberts (R. Kansas) in his hold on the nomination of Army secretary Eric Fanning. Both men note that there is noting personal held against Fanning in the move. In his own words Hunter says, “the ability of any senator to hold a nomination is an effective mechanism to ensure the executive branch is forthright, transparent and accountable.”

While Robert’s hold deals with an attempt to prevent Ft. Leavenworth from being considered as a possible Guantanamo detainee relocation site, Hunter’s block comes from the ongoing battle over SFC Martland.

In October Martland received a 60-day reprieve during which time he could appeal to the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records to have his separation overturned. Representative Mac Thornberry (R. Texas) had helped Martland gain the ability to appeal.

In addition to various politicians Martland now has the support of the VFW, and his command and immediate leadership during his appeal.

Hunter in his letter to Roberts went further and asked that he consider Martland’s case (as only a senator can hold) before lifting any hold on the election of Fanning. Hunter again reiterates his belief that doing anything but allowing the SFC to remain in the service is the wrong answer.

Hunter closes by saying “if the Army truly, truly wants to do the right thing here, it’s there for them to do. Tell me [Martland is] not the kind of guy you want to retain, just because he slapped around a child rapist who deserved what he got.”

I think many of us are used to California politicians of the Nancy Pelosi caliber, as such it’s always refreshing to see people like Hunter step up to the plate and actually do something for what the believe is right.