Tales From The VA SPOILER ALERT: They’ve F***** Up Again

Tales From The VA

SPOILER ALERT: They’ve Fucked Up Again

You’re 69-year old Vietnam Veteran Mike Rieker, and you’re waiting on your monthly check from the VA to get delivered to your house, only it never comes.

Did the postman get lost? Was it stolen?

Oh no, not this time. It’s even simpler than that. If you’re like Rieker or a handful of other veterans in the Tampa area, your check never came because you’re dead.

Only you aren’t- just the VA thinks you are.

That’s right. Upon calling the VA to enquire about his check, Rieker was told payments were suspended because he’s dead. “Well, I’m not. I woke up this morning and I’m feeling rather chipper, in fact” answered Rieker.

VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald has been tasked by U.S. Rep. David Jolly to launch an investigation into the problem, and assess its scope.

Unfortunately it already appears that the scope is greater than just Rieker.

Jolly himself has dealt with five similar cases in his district in Florida’s Gulf Coast in the past 18 months. A neighboring Congressmen also says he’s received calls to his office about the same.

Jolly hasn’t helped just Rieker either.

A woman by the name of Mary Ann Clough received a letter from the government expressing their condolences over the death of Mary Ann. Considering she managed to open it, I think it’s safe to say that Clough is in fact alive and well.

In addition to the condolences, the government (in the same letter) has informed Clough that the checks she received on behalf of her second husband’s military service would stop.

Whenever anyone praises socialized healthcare I can’t help but laugh.

The VA is the epitome of government-run healthcare and from an organizational standpoint they couldn’t be further from the mark if they tried.

Consider this- it’s estimated that one-third of all veterans who have submitted applications with the VA have died before being accepted into the program. Additionally, over the summer a slew of frontline stories about those veterans who are enrolled but passed waiting for treatment grabbed the nation’s attention.

One can only hope that the VA overhaul is given a budget matching that of even the feeblest U.S.-built Afghan petrol pumping station.  

About the author: Andrew Farquharson is an Iraq Campaign veteran and an ex-cavalry scout currently living the dream in Newport, Rhode Island as a college student. Aside from writing for 11Bravos his hobbies include mountain climbing, shooting guns and convincing women they should date him. Comments or hate mail can be sent tofarqandrew@yahoo.com or, follow him on Instagram @Lord_Farquharson